Sheet music from a program at a Community Choir practice


Arts + Community + Orthodoxy


Our vision is to encounter the Creator and build/nurture flourishing community through creativity in the arts.


Our mission is to offer instruction and performance opportunities in music and the arts, helping people thrive through the development and enjoyment of the arts in community.

Core Values

  1. Education – helping people develop artistically and philosophically
  2. Diversity – building bridges and cultivating relationships that go beyond our own cultures and beliefs
  3. Accessibility – welcoming people from all levels of experience
  4. Orthodoxy – acknowledging Judeo-Christian values, as presented in the Bible, as the core of artistry and life
  5. Challenge – providing opportunities to grow and flourish personally and artistically
  6. Dialogue – nurturing candid and life-giving conversations that grow people intellectually, socially, and spiritually
  7. Artistry – pursuing excellence in the arts and music